Maroan is a business development consultancy dedicated to helping co-operative and social enterprises to start-up, grow and thrive.

Lead consultant, Karen Birch, has over 20 years experience in starting and growing entrepreneurial businesses. Karen is committed to using her expertise to help co-operative enterprises thrive. Her vision is for a growing co-operative economy drawing on the skills of those working within it.

Consultancy is delivered based upon the innovative ethical business system outlined by Phil Birch in his book ETHICONOMICSTM, Principles and Practices of Ethical Businesses in 21st Century.
  • Our consultancy is free for the first hour, allowing us to meet and understand the issues facing your enterprise.
  • Working with CBC, support can be delivered by the Co-operative Enterprise Hub, with up to 4 days advice provided free each year.
  • Support direct from Maroan will not exceed £80 per hour and we are open to the opportunity to work on a risk & reward basis, with our fees being repaid when your enterprise receives investment.
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